Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Good Man

I recently read something that said "if you are loved by one good man in this life consider yourself lucky and if you are loved by one good man and you love him back, then hang on with all you've got"...I am loved by a good man and reading that passage this morning got me thinking about just how blessed I am.  My husband of 21 years is an exceptional person.  He has been there for me through thick and thin, helped me through my life's trials and tribulations, made my wrongs right whenever he could, and has loved me with all of his heart.  Is he perfect?  nope.  Do I love him anyway?  yep.  Don't expect perfection in this life because you won't find it...not in your spouse, not in your kids, not in your parents or your best friend.  Love the people in your life regardless of their imperfections as Kevin loves me and you won't have any regrets.  I know I don't.

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