Friday, May 31, 2013

Perfectly perfect

There are things I don't know.  The list is shorter than you might expect because at my age life experience has taught me much (plus I just know a lot).  Let's start with the things I don't know since the list is shorter...I don't know why there are so many tax forms.  I don't know why ants are able to carry like a billion times their own body weight.  I don't know why people are such assholes.  But I do know that we can't dwell on what we don't know.  A person can drive themselves crazy dwelling and dwelling...and dwelling.  I speak from experience.  Let's see, the list of what I know is really quite long so I'll keep it brief.  Besides the aforementioned dwelling thing, I know that change is inevitable so don't bother trying to keep things the same.  I know that we are all flawed so don't try to be perfect.  I know that flawed people are annoying so we are actually all annoying.  I know we all daydream about throttling our children at some point or another and it's okay to dream about as long as we don't actually throttle them.  See?   I'm really pretty smart.  Don't be jealous.
We don't know what we don't know and that's the bitch about life.  I'd like to know everything and how to handle every situation so that the outcome is perfectly perfect.  Sadly, nothing is perfectly perfect and that's what frustrates me more than anything.  We are supposed to experience all kinds of things while we are here and learn something from each and every one.  So keep on learning and become a better person because of it.

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