Sunday, May 5, 2013


They say that there are places in this universe, other dimensions that have no time.  Where time is not measured but just is.  There is no aging and no watching the clock while the minutes pass you by.   Here on earth we marvel at how time flies, where the months and years have gone...We look at our children and we no longer see the babies we tucked in at night and tickled until they giggled uncontrollably. There is a great sadness in the realization that these times have passed and the clock keeps marching on as we measure the days, the months and the years.  We ponder what will be and how our families will change from the relentless march of time.  The little people in my life are no longer little but actually really big!  Soon they will be gone on their own and time will seem to push them through there own lives as it has pushed them through mine.  I am not sorry about any of it, just wishing that some moments could stand still and not go by at all.  Wherever time takes us in the future I hope that we can truly live each moment of it and cherish all there is to experience because you cannot stop it and it rushes by like a train, sometimes so real you can feel the rush of the wind.

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