Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where the wild things are

My son recently did a paper based on this children's book, however I challenge the premise that the wild things are in that book because I believe they are right here in my house.  Three kids, three dogs and one cat make things pretty wild around here!  Trying to explain to your 12 year old daughter that piles of clothes on the floor are not "cleaning up" and that if you have to walk over and step on various items to get into your bed then you need to probably clean up is like explaining the theory of quantum physics in chinese.  Not effective.  The crazy thing is that most of the time she can find her things in there.  My oldest son brings his dirty clothes up once a month and pretends like he's going to do his laundry until I finally get tired of seeing his stuff there and do it myself, then he just comes up to get something to wear in the morning so it's like our kitchen is now his personal closet.  The dogs and cat are the rulers of the kingdom though and they are spoiled (as are the kids) beyond belief but that's what happens when you love your furry beasts the way we do.  I will say that the animals are a lot easier to clean up after than the kids!  Yes, it's wild around here but I wouldn't change it for the world.  One day soon it will be all too quiet in my house and I'll be wishing that the wild things were here to make a mess and leave their stuff laying around.  Sometimes it's annoying and frustrating but isn't that the nature of the beast?

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