Monday, June 17, 2013

love feels like a heart attack

ummm...ok?  I'm driving down the street and hear these lyrics while listening to the radio.  I'm not sure if the artist who wrote the song has ever had a heart attack but I'm doubting it.  Love is like shooting pains down your left arm?  I don't think so.  Sometimes love is a pain in the ass but I'd rather have a pain in my ass than a cardiac arrest.  Just sayin'

On second thought, I love my children and they give me multiple heart attacks on a daily basis so maybe this singer dude is on to something.  Somehow I don't think he was singing about his kids but I'm starting to relate on some level to what he's saying.  Anyone else have a son that will sleep through world war 3?  His alarm actually shakes his bed and sirens go me a heart attack every morning but he's cool with it, sleeps right through it no problem.  Trying to wake him up is like moving a downed tree that's blocking your path in the road.  My daughter's room looks like a tornado just went through the house and the eye of it was in her room...not joking.  It gives me heart palpitations to stand in the door way much less if I have to venture in for some reason.  Then there's the time Zach got a knee to the face in a game of dodge ball...never mind, I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack just thinking about this stuff.

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