Wednesday, June 26, 2013

simple is better

Yes, I'd rather be a simpleton than worldly.  I think you experience more of life when you focus on small successes and not excesses.  Things we think are trivial are really huge...the smell of the grill and the sound of the squirrels running up and down the trees in your back yard, sounds of rain falling and a cool breeze, your mom cooking you your favorite meal, laughter from the dinner table, getting into bed at night, soaking in a hot bath, kissing your dog (or cat) straight on the lips, watching your kids play the various sports they love and marveling at how grown up they are, going through your pictures and recalling moments otherwise forgotten, closing your eyes and smelling freshly mown grass, enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning while everyone else is asleep, reading a book you just can't put down, hanging out with your BFF, helping someone else in their time of need.  These are just some of the simple things in life that money can't buy yet are priceless.  Don't lose sight of how important simplicity is or you'll get lost in a complicated world.

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