Friday, July 26, 2013

Just one cup

Get over it.  He's not going to use just one cup.  My girlfriend told me a story about how a younger woman was annoyed with her live in boyfriend because he uses  several cups throughout the day and leaves them everywhere.  LOL...if that's the worst of it girly, you are doing great!  So she says to my girlfriend "can't he use just one cup?" and the answer is no he can't use just one cup.  He's not wired like that, honey.  Naturally, us older married forever gals got a good chuckle over  that conversation.  I remember I used to get upset because my husband never got me the right gift for my birthday or Christmas.  One year, I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and he bought me tons of clothes from a size XS...hahahaha (it's funny because I don't think I ever wore an XS, ever)...I was a little grateful that time because he apparently thought I looked like a tiny person.  The thing is, don't expect a man to be something he isn't and never will be (like the worlds best gift giver).  Get over that shit now or you will be very disappointed for a very long time.  After many years of marriage, I figured out that you accept the things you can't change and embrace the reasons you married him in the first place.  I've been married 22 years August 10th and I can't imagine life without Kevin.  Yes, there are times I want to scream and sometimes I do (well, maybe a lot of times I do) and I'm sure there are times he wishes I would disappear but a few minutes later we are helping each other out and laughing about something only we find funny.  Just an old married couple.  If you are looking for the secret to a long lasting marriage, here it is:  Pick up the cups and stop worrying about it.

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