Monday, August 26, 2013

daily miracles?

Miracles happen every day, be ready and willing.  I read this on facebook this morning by Dr. Wayne Dyer...I'm wondering if he really lives by all of the wisdom he imparts on the world?  I love his sayings and his thought process I just seem to lose the feeling 5 minutes after I read it.  I could use a miracle today that's for sure (who couldn't?) journey continues with the dilemma I've been dealing with since last Fall.  A miracle would come in handy.  Taking deep breaths and trying to keep a positive outlook but as you all know, it's easier said than done.  The anger and the fear seem to well up in me constantly so I try to keep myself busy while I fight the good fight, I'm not giving up.   That's all...just wondering if Wayne Dyer leads the perfect life of no fear and miracles occurring constantly in his life or if he's human like the rest of us?

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