Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Pretty Committee

My daughter came home from school today and told me about one of her classmates starting a club called the pretty committee.  She said this girl would let you be in the club if you are 1) pretty
2) popular and 3) have friends that are guys....first of all, who gives a shit?  and second of all...who wants friends that are guys??!  That girl has a thing or two to learn about life.  Pretty and popular is not always good and friends that are guys are almost never good;)  Anyhow, Hope was upset because she didn't want anyone to get hurt because of some stupid chick being...well, stupid.  She's a good gal my Hope is, I do love her so much.  We let the right people know so that they could nip that crap in the bud but I have a question for ya....I'm starting a Pretty Committee and you have to be genuine, honest and loyal to be in it, you girls interested?  First meeting is at my house and you can only come if you bring wine.

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