Thursday, October 31, 2013

When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a lawyer and protect the underdog from the nasty people.  I want to be a Veterinarian and save all the animals.  I'd like to be in law enforcement and get rid of the bad guys.  I want to be a teacher and help young people reach their goals.  I want to own a busy boutique and sell beautiful things that I can play with all day:)  I want to be famous and wealthy so someone can make me dinner for a change.  I want to write a runaway best seller and go all over the country to book signings.  In reality I am a dentist with a ton of experience and talent and I sell discarded unwanted items to people who actually want them.  I'm a mom, and I'm important to at least 4 people and they are very important to me.  So, I may never get to be what I want when I grow up but I am what I am and it has to be good enough.  Why doesn't it feel like it is?

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