Saturday, December 21, 2013

When life doesn't make sense

Which is a lot of the time so I guess I should have said when life is down right confusing and no one can figure out why on earth something happens...I do know this:  It's a far from perfect world we live in when children are killing children.  And it makes me very sad.  I really do think that this is our trial, this is our road less traveled.  When we leave this place for good, we go home.  We feel only happiness and see only beauty.  Peace is finally upon us and we take what we have learned to the next journey.  Our souls never die they are free.  Claire, I don't know you and now I never will but I think you must have been brave and selfless.  May your time here not be forgotten and your time away from here be free from the burdens of this life.  I truly understand the meaning of take it one day at a time because you have is hard and death is harder for those of us that didn't die.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Take the leap

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure" 
-Bill Cosby

Well, aint that the truth?  My 14 year old son posted this on Facebook last night.  My kids never stop making me proud.  I hope I've had an influence on them in this regard.  I have always feared failure and I have always made the leap of faith in hopes I would reach my goals.  Sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't.  My children know my story and I share everything with them because I want them to know that life aint easy but you don't give up.  I think we all have a desire for success, it's just how we act on that desire that sets us apart.  To my kids I say this:  Go out there and give it all you've got, if you be it.  Repeat until you get the desired results.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Words of Wisdom

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again” — Nelson Mandela

I saw this post on Facebook this morning.  It's always heartbreaking when the world loses someone who has contributed so many good things and made the world a better place.  When I read this, it made me think about success and why it is that we judge each other by it.  I do it.  You do it.  Why?  Mostly, I judge myself by my successes.  I try not to...I really do.  My ass hurts from falling down so much but I get back up every time.  It reminds me of my one and only snowboarding adventure, but I digress.  It hurts each time I hit the ground but I keep going like the energizer bunny.  That's life though isn't it?  I've been in a place so low I did not want to get back up so I stayed down for a while making the decision as to whether or not I was done.  That was a really hard shove but eventually I made it back up.  It's always a conscious decision and a difficult one as to whether or not you get back on your feet after a blow.  Life is full of hard decisions and it's easier to quit than it is not to, ask anyone that has anything they consider important.  So what's success?  That's the question I always come back to.  It's getting off your ass when you get a big shove.  I have heard of and met people that have gotten back up so many times I'm amazed.  In my head and my heart I think "wow, that person is really strong" and I have the greatest respect for them.  It's inspiring...kinda like Nelson Mandela.