Saturday, December 21, 2013

When life doesn't make sense

Which is a lot of the time so I guess I should have said when life is down right confusing and no one can figure out why on earth something happens...I do know this:  It's a far from perfect world we live in when children are killing children.  And it makes me very sad.  I really do think that this is our trial, this is our road less traveled.  When we leave this place for good, we go home.  We feel only happiness and see only beauty.  Peace is finally upon us and we take what we have learned to the next journey.  Our souls never die they are free.  Claire, I don't know you and now I never will but I think you must have been brave and selfless.  May your time here not be forgotten and your time away from here be free from the burdens of this life.  I truly understand the meaning of take it one day at a time because you have is hard and death is harder for those of us that didn't die.

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