Monday, February 10, 2014

Full Circle

So I've come full circle.  Today I go back to being a dentist at the same exact place I was at before...kinda crazy really because that doesn't happen often.  However, the past 2 years have been plain crazy anyhow so it's really not all that surprising.  Life just sends you around in circles, have you ever noticed that?  If you say you want something and it's not meant to be, you end up where you started...sorta twilight zoneish.  Anyhow, I'm back to doing what I do and what I've done for 20 years so wish me luck, say a prayer for me and if you need a good dentist, come see me!

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  1. Hi Kary:
    I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago. I can't seem to quit thinking about you and your family. It is hard to believe your children are almost grown and gone. I met you when Hope was 6 months old. You appeared to have it altogether. You are a dentist. 3 beautiful kids. A very nice husband. I cleaned your house. I know no one thinks very highly of a cleaning lady. But I was in the middle of raising my 3 beautiful kids and had to be accessible when I was needed. No body gave me the time of day. My children are all gone from my house now and it is very quiet most of the time. Like you, I have to trudge through life and be happy about it. I think we are about as happy as we make our minds up to be, no matter our circumstances. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. You are more complex than I ever knew.
    Take care. Be safe.
    Lynda Fine


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