Friday, March 7, 2014


The reason we are here together in this lifetime is to be selfless and give to others expecting nothing in return.  Not just to love the ones we know, but to love those we don't know.  Being kind is sometimes difficult especially when we get all caught up in our own lives and our own perceived problems.  We can often only see with tunnel vision and are missing the big picture.  People always want more...more money, more time, more weight loss, more beauty, more vacations, more house, more car, bigger, better everything all the time.  Stop.  Just stop and look at the world around you.  Make a difference in someone else's life...someone you don't know.  Be selfless.  When you stop worrying only about yourself and what you have or don't have and start seeing that you have so much that you are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, not with money but with love...your life will change and changing the lives of those around you is so rewarding you will be content.  Isn't that what we are all after?  Make a real difference and touch someone's life in an unexpected way.